The Religious Cell

Aaron Ramos
2 min readJun 10, 2020

There was a cell (Cell 1) who one day asked his neighbor, “Hey, what is the purpose of all this?”

His neighbor (Cell 2) replied “Hu? What do you mean?”

Cell 1 “Our existence, life, everything, what is the point? Every day I get these orders for proteins and I make them, I eat, drink, I see my fellow cells be born, grow, and die all around me doing the same; but for what?

Cell 2: “Don’t be silly, we do it for the great (insert your name here).”

Cell 1: “Ya, I heard the stories, but who is this (insert your name here)? I’ve never seen them, what proof do you have that they even exist? And why should I be bound to live, work, and die for them?”

Cell 2: “(insert your name here) is all around us! We are all part of (insert your name here), you, me, we are here to serve for the glory of (insert your name here)”

Cell 1: “ok… that’s just crazy talk… I’m me, you are you. I might not get out much like those suicidal immune cells, but from the day I was born, I’ve never seen anything to insinuate the existence of a (insert your name here).

Cell 2: But (insert your name here) is the father/mother of us all! It is only through their grace that we continue to exist!

Cell 1: Their grace? I saw someone get infected the other day, bright and cheery one day, and all of a sudden they exploded! Freaking exploded shooing out tons of virus babies from inside them… Some of their neighbors just couldn’t take it… apoptosis man… apoptosis… where was this grace then!”

Cell 2: We are not meant to understand the ways of (insert your name here)… For they are mysterious and beyond anything, we could comprehend.”

Cell 1: Ya, whatever… man… I’m tired… and thirsty… my insulin receptor hasn’t been working so well for a while now. Everyone is having this problem nowadays, and these lipid deposits keep showing up everywhere! What the hell is happening to this world…

Cell 2: The end is near my friend… the end is near.



Aaron Ramos

Virtual reality experience designer and fiction writer