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2 min readJul 3, 2021


Tom: This is the 5th case this week of a major internet star disappearing.

Mari Taylor, a booming sensation on Tik Tok with her dog styling videos has not been seen or heard from in the last 3 days.

Her last video had garnished major backlash from the online community due to her angrily smacking her cat out of frame on a video she was making with her pup Churo.

Cinthia: True indeed Tom.

The pet community turned on her, rapidly creating an exodus of subscribers and her pet product sponsors quickly cut ties.

This story comes on the heels of 4 similar cases just reported yesterday. The first, Timmy Little, who vanished after a video of him belittling a waitress popped up online had police looking into the possibility of foul play, but now they have shifted to investigate as to whether any link between these cases exists.

Just where these internet stars have gone?

It truly is baffling, sources say there is no indication that they packed up or told anyone they would be leaving.

Tom: Yes, it’s incredibly difficult for them to move, being so well known and popular, they are quite easily spotted by fans or haters alike.

Recently “cancel culture” has swept across the nation with groups piling on hate on individuals who perform acts that conflict with modern social norms.

Honestly, I’m quite sick of having “wokeness” forced on everything.

We grew up playing on the street, spanking kids when they did something wrong, and mom had dinner ready at the end of the day when dad came home.

Is that really so wrong?

Cinthia: Well Tom, promoting neglect, child abuse, and misogyny is not something our network stands behind, I’d be a little more cautious…


Where did he go?

He couldn’t just…

Uh, now let’s throw over to Mary with Traffic.



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